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I am a biologist, photographer, and expedition leader based in Stockholm, Sweden. After completing my service in the Navy Marines, I worked in the Amazon rainforest carrying out conservation assessments and bird surveys for NGOs. This experience inspired me to pursue an Honours Degree in Biology at Lund University, followed by an MSc degree in Ecology split between Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre in Canada and Lund University. 


With a passion for birding and botany, I have contributed to numerous research projects focusing on seabird ecology on islands in the North Atlantic Ocean, New Zealand, and Antarctica as well as bird conservation in the Amazon rainforest. You can find some of my publications under "research". 


Aside from research and conservation management, I lead expeditions to explore the flora and fauna of the Arctic tundra, the Amazon rainforest, South Georgia Island, and Antarctica. Every animal and plant has a unique story to tell, and my goal as an expedition leader is not only to showcase their raw beauty but also to share their stories. I believe that science, tourism, and conservation go hand in hand. That's why I created this website to share my research progress, conservation efforts and passion for guiding.  If you like my photography, want to join me on an expedition, or discuss wildlife conservation or research idea, feel free to contact me.

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