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I have had the good fortune of traveling to several exotic places around the world, but I have spent the majority of my time in the following regions during the last few years.

                     South Georgia                                                               Antarctica                                                                       The Amazon                                                                  Svalbard


Few places on Earth can match the remarkable beauty and wildlife of South Georgia, a remote island located just north of Antarctica in the southern Atlantic Ocean. Each year, millions of seabirds, and countless fur seals and elephant seals call this place home. The climate is harsh, with wetness, cold, and constant winds that shroud the high mountains in grey clouds. Yet, despite its unforgiving environment, South Georgia holds a special place in my heart, and I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to visit this incredible island several times a year since 2017.

 In the winter of 2015, I arrived in the icy waters of Antarctica for the first time and since then, I have spent six summers exploring the shores of the Antarctic Peninsula. Antarctica is a truly charismatic place, unlike any other. Although the glaciated interior of the continent is too desolate for most species to survive, the coastal waters and narrow strips of snow-free coast are brimming with life. With over 40 trips to Antarctica under my belt, I continue to be captivated by this pristine marine ecosystem and can't wait to explore more.

 The Amazon Rainforest, particularly the eastern mountain slopes of the Andes, are widely recognized as the most biodiverse regions on Earth. I have been fortunate to spend over a year working on bird conservation projects in Bolivia and Guyana. Currently, I am exploring conservation opportunities in the remote cloud forests of Ecuador, which are known for their incredible richness of endemic species.

Svalbard, also known as Spitsbergen, is an Arctic Archipelago located halfway to the North Pole from northernmost Norway. Renowned for its frosty climate, vast glaciers, and polar bears, it's a remarkable place. My first visit to Svalbard was with my mother when I was just nine years old, and I was immediately captivated by the stunning light and natural beauty. Since 2017, I've spent four summer seasons exploring and working across this fascinating archipelago.

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