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I have been fortunate to have travelled to several exotic places in the world but below are the regions where I have spent  most of time during the last few years. 

                     South Georgia                                                               Antarctica                                                                       The Amazon                                                                  Svalbard


Few places on the planet are as remarkable as the remote island of South Georgia, located just north of Antarctica in the southern Atlantic Ocean. Hundreds of thousands of penguins breed here yearly, along with millions of other seabirds and fur seals. The climate is wet, cold and windy, and the high mountains constantely covered in grey clouds. Despite its harsh environment, I love this place and have been fortunate to travel here several times a year since 2017. 

I arrived to the icy waters of Antarctica for the first time in the winter of 2016 and have since then spent four summers along the shores of the Antarctic Peninsula. Few places are as charismatic as Antarctica. While the glaciated interior of the continent remains too desolate and barren for most species to survive, the coastal waters and the narrow strips of snow-free coast are full of life. I've done more then 30 trips to Antarctica by now and will never get enough of exploring this pristine marine ecosystem. 

The Amazon Rainforest and, more specifically, the eastern mountain slopes of the Andes are considered the most species-rich areas on the planet. I have spent more than a year in Bolivia and Guyana, where I worked with bird conservation.  Currently, I'm looking into conservation projects in the remote Ecuadorian cloud forests.   

Svalbard, also known as Spitsbergen, is located halfway to the North Pole from northernmost Norway. This Arctic Archipelago is known for its frosty climate, vast glaciers and polar bears. My mother brought me to Svalbard when I was nine years old, and I was immediately blown away by the light and nature. I  have since 2017 spent four summer seasons working all around this fascinating archipelago

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